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Assisted Living and How Your Local Electrician Can Help

What is assisted living and in-home care?

Assisted living allows the elderly to maintain their ‘independent living’ in their own home or an assisted living housing community as long as possible without compromising their safety. Assisted living homes can be one’s own home, boarding homes or congregating housing that has undergone home modification to assisted living standards.

In-home care is a semi-independent living arrangement wherein the elderly age comfortably in their own home but assisted by an in-house caregiver. In-home care is a combination of assisted living and health care services. Any assisted living modifications done to the home is to make both the caregiver’s service and independent living of the cared senior as comfortable as possible.

Why make home modifications for assisted living?

Aside from comfort, assisted living modified homes also increases the monitoring and safety of the elderly. The home modification is to support the independence and assisted living arrangements of the senior living at home. This means improving access and mobility, security, communications and lighting features.

How your local electrician can help with assisted living requirements

  • General Electrical Modifications – You can have your home checked if your electrical circuits or panels are energy efficient and can take on a load of more electronics and home modifications. It also makes the home safer for the senior as the electrical system can handle any power surges with safety and efficiency.
  • Intercoms – This addition is much needed for in-care home modifications. Instead of the phone-type intercoms, your local electrician might suggest press-button types or video intercoms for better monitoring and safety.
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) – For maximum safety and monitoring of the elderly and seniors in assisted living or in-care conditions. For carers, they can easily monitor the senior when they are in separate rooms. The CCTV can also be connected to smartphones, so the carer as well as family members can keep tabs on the senior’s movements. This safety feature is essential since most elderly persons, are more prone to slips and falls. The system can be supported by a security alarm system that can be tripped either by the senior or the carer. It can even be directly connected to an ambulance service.
  • Motorised Blinds – This will significantly help with seniors in assisted living. Remotely opening and closing curtains or blinds replace the more physical manual curtains or blinds. 
  • Motorised Doors – This is most useful for the elderly in assisted living or with in-care carers. It is an even more essential modification if the senior uses a wheelchair or has any other physical handicap.

Please note that if you want the most professional and quality finish to any assisted living home modification project, don’t just call any local electrician. You need an experienced, licensed, and qualified electrician, such as those provided by Definitive Electrical Services in Queensland.

Definitive Electrical Services

Definitive Electrical Services can help clients achieve their assisted living or in-home care requirements by conducting professional home modifications. Regardless of whether it’s in your bedroom, living area, kitchen, garage, in fact, any part of your home, we can recommend innovative home modifications to suit your lifestyle and needs. Definitive Electrical Services specialises in home modifications and can tailor individualised plans to support your independence whilst providing you with the extra security and support you require. Get in touch with our team for a quote today by calling 1300 665 202.

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