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Assisted Living Modifications: How Our Technologies Can Help You Stay Independent For Longer

As we get older, or our physical needs change, it’s time to focus on preparing for the future. Maintaining a high quality of life, while allowing for in-home care or support services, is made easier with the latest assisted living solutions. Installation Services Queensland specialises in assisted living modifications and seniors home modifications, so you can enjoy a more comfortable, convenient and secure tomorrow.

What Is Assisted Living?

Advancements in technology and medical equipment have made it possible for the elderly and those living with disabilities to maintain a higher standard of independence through assisted living. Assisting living refers to a person being able to stay in their home, while receiving some support services. Home modifications may have to be made to ensure that your property works for you (and your carers).

What Are The Benefits Of Home Modifications?

Modifications can be made to your home, so your daily life is safer and simpler. They allow you to complete tasks that have become challenging or difficult.

Whether you’ve decided to stay in your family home or you’ve moved to a retirement unit, our qualified team of installers at ISQ can quickly transform your property into a smart home.  

Smart homes rely on the latest products to improve the connectivity and efficiency of everyday living. Smart home solutions are designed to control or automate certain functions within your home; this can include the integration of security systems, communications products, kitchen appliances, TVs, lighting and much more.

What Home Modifications Can Be Made?

Popular home modifications for the elderly and those with special needs include security systems, CCTV, intercoms and home automation. These modifications can be tailored to suit your unique needs — and they can be adjusted as your needs change.

Alarms & Security:

When you’re living independently, one of your key considerations should be your security. We offer wireless, low-profile security systems which provide instant alerts. Our range of security and alarm system can be integrated into home automation, to control blinds, lighting, heating & cooling systems and even irrigation. You can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that you can monitor your security system from anywhere — in real-time.

CCTV & Intercom:

ISQ works with the most trusted CCTV brands to bring you intuitive CCTV products which are integrated with intercom systems. Your intercom internal handset can be setup to offer additional automation, including opening doors, garage doors, driveway gates or pedestrian gates. This not only assists with improving your security, but it also provides superior convenience for those with mobility issues.

Home Automation:

Assisted living is enhanced with home automation. You can be in control of your lighting, blinds, appliances and your technology through a simple app or whole home remote. Home automation is a perfect option for seniors, as it allows you to control multiple devices with a simple touch of a button. Imagine turning off your oven, switching on your TV, dimming your lights or adjusting your air conditioner — even if you’re not yet at home.

ISQ are your local experts in providing assisted living modifications, so you can enjoy a better quality of life. As qualified professional installers, we specialise in smart system installations which can include a range of technologies to suit your needs. Have a chat with ISQ about assisted living modifications or seniors home modifications today.

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