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Enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience, with our leading home theatre system installation services.

Who doesn’t like watching the latest blockbuster movie on the big screen, with the sound pumping through your veins and a lighting show that resembles the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve? 

Or watching your favourite sports team dissect your most despised rivals?

Now before you get too carried away and start melting the butter over the popcorn, your first and most important step is to source a team of professionals, who specialise in home theatre system installation services. And that’s what we do – at Installation Services Queensland!

Specialising in the custom design, supply, installation and programming of home theatre systems, we combine the most talented technicians in the industry with the latest technology and innovation to bring you an amazing home theatre experience! 

A well designed system can outperform most commercial systems and by working with the industry’s leading brand names we infuse picture quality, sound quality and comfort to create your ideal setting.

Whether it’s upgrading your existing home theatre system or designing one from scratch, we’ll create a smart home solution that blends seamlessly into your existing décor and living space.

If you’re designing a home theatre system from scratch, here’s a list of factors that our clever designers will consider to ensure you enjoy an unrivalled cinematic experience!

  • Room Construction
  • Seating Type and Configuration
  • Acoustical Treatments
  • Ambient Noise Control
  • Ambient Light Control
  • Blinds Control
  • Equipment & Speaker Placement

In addition to supplying you with top quality equipment, we’ll ensure that it’s easy to use. Our home theatre system installation services embrace intuitive technology where you only need to operate a single remote control, or alternatively you can use your smartphone or tablet device to control your home theatre.

Are you ready to start your journey towards the ultimate home theatre experience? We invite you to call Installation Services Queensland today, on 1300 665 202, to enquire about our leading home theatre system installation services.

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