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Fuse Box Upgrades – What You Need to Know

Is your home more than ten years old? Perhaps you already need fuse box upgrades because your meter box could be considerably aged? Or maybe you also need a switchboard upgrade?

What is a fuse box, and what does it do?

Fuse boxes in Australia are also known as meter boxes. This is where your home’s main electricity switch is found, as well as the circuit breakers and wiring that distributes power to your home. Your home’s fuse box is typically found on an exterior wall or inside the garage and is usually enclosed by a case.

The three main components usually found inside the fuse box:

  • Main switch –This turns your home electricity supply on or off. This is the switch you turn on if the supply is tripped.
  • Circuit breakers –These protect the fuses from excess electricity distributed throughout your home by breaking the power supply down.
  • Switchboard –This is essentially the entire component that includes the main switch and circuit breakers. It allows you to turn off electricity supply to specific areas in your home.

Don’t confuse the switchboard from a fuse box

Don’t confuse the switchboard with your fuse box. In most fuse boxes, the switchboard is just one of the components found inside. Sometimes though, the switchboard is located apart from the fuse box. Thus, only the main switch is found inside the fuse box, while the separate switchboard contains the circuit breakers and specific switches, minus the main switch.

Signs you might need a fuse box upgrade

Fuse box is more than 10 years old

Fuse box upgrades or replacement is needed if it is more than 10 years old, whether it is showing signs of electrical hazard or not. Very old fuse boxes are fire hazards because of the wear and tear of old aluminum wiring. This wiring needs to be replaced with copper wiring.

Blown fuse wire

This is caused by an overloaded circuit because the old fuse box/switchboard can’t handle too many electrical appliances. It can also be a loose connection within the fuse holder.

Melted cables from loose connections

When a cable becomes loose in the back of a fuse holder because of an aging fuse box, an electricity arc can happen, and this is a potential fire starter.

The fuse box or switchboard contains asbestos

Old fuse boxes sometimes have an old black panel made of asbestos. If the asbestos has been drilled into it, there can be airborne fibres that put home residents at risk.

Other signs you need to watch out for:

  • Repeated trip switches
  • Appliances short circuit regularly
  • Repeated flickering lights

Benefits of upgrading to a modern switchboard or fuse box

Reduce the risk of fire and electrocution

Old fuse boxes and switchboards can ignite fires because of the old or loose wiring. You need to replace your fuse box and switchboard with new and modern models containing RCDs, modern circuit breakers, and new earthing. Reducing fire and electrocution risk should be your primary concern in upgrading to a modern fuse box and switchboard.

Quickly get power back on after a tripping

Old fuse boxes or switchboards will experience blown fuses during electrical trips. This means spending a day or two waiting for a qualified electrician to attend to your electrical faults. On the other hand, if your fuse box and switchboard are upgraded, all you need to do is reset the RCD and get power back within minutes after tripping.

Definitive Electrical Services

Our skilled, experienced, and licensed electricians are qualified to carry out fuse box upgrades and any electrical repair and installation. Definitive Electrical always works hard to deliver the best and absolute customer satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it. Call us today or visit our website and see the difference.

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