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Smart Homes and Assisted Living for the elderly

What is Assisted Living?

Basically, when seniors or elderly persons want to maintain their independence when living in their own home, assisted living makes this possible. Assisted living supports the independent living of the elderly by modifying any home into smart homes and assisted living homes to increase safety monitoring through home integration of vital home access, mobility, security, communications, and lighting. 

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a residential house that has been installed with the latest technology and computerisation to control or automate specific functions of the home, as well as providing for security and safety measures and to monitor both inside and outside the house.

There are four primary reasons why it is practical to invest in a smart home:

Comfort – lights and climate systems can be automatically adjusted according to the time of day and season, or simply because of your individual mood.

Convenience – complex tasks and access to specific home systems are automated and simplified to improve home living.

Efficiency – homeowners can easily control turning anything specific on and off, keeping track of where and how much energy is used in exact locations, and can automate specific systems without the need for manual control.

Safety and Security – using modern communications and sensor technology increases the security and safety of a home, while being able to continually monitor from within and anywhere else.

Top Smart Home integrations to consider when modifying a home for assisted living

Assisted living using the latest technology is integrated into the electronic and electrical systems of a home, and the Internet of Things (IoT) things. Thus, a home can be fully automated or manually controlled for the comfortable assisted living of the independent older person.

For instance, sensors can sense the time of day outside and automatically open the curtains or blinds in the morning and close them before night falls. Or, when the elderly resident enters or exits specific portions of the house, the lights and heating/cooling systems automatically switch on and off. A smart speaker alarm system can remind the resident that it’s time to take medication or a doctor’s appointment.

Here are five other benefits to consider:

Real-time communication and monitoring

You can virtually visit or monitor your loved one or patient by using a smartphone app connected to the smart home security system. You can have video cameras in strategic locations such as staircases, entrances, and kitchens to monitor safety for better assisted living. You can also directly communicate with them to monitor things like medications, meal times, etc.

Motion sensing and scheduling

Aside from video cameras, you can also set up motion sensors in strategic areas so that lights can turn on automatically. Specific functions can also be automated, such as locking of all doors and windows at night at a particular time.

Voice control

Users can control the entire home and automate things by using simple voice commands. This includes turning on and off any device or system, controlling temperature, or locking the main doors and windows.

Safe smart kitchen

If doing their own cooking, a smart kitchen ensures their safety. Smart ovens, coffee makers, and refrigerators can all be automated or controlled by voice. You can also monitor the kitchen appliance through the smart home app on your phone. If a stove is left unattended, it will automatically be turned off.

Ultimate protection and security

Smart home security devices such as smart door locks, a video doorbell, and smart sensor cameras can be synced with each other to notify both the elderly residents and your phone app in real-time. For example, if there is a parcel delivery, you and the resident can monitor who is at the door and if the parcel is legitimate.

Definitive Electrical Services

Essentially, smart homes and assisted living modifications done by a qualified Brisbane electrician will allow elderly to have a safe and independent living in their own home. If planned and done by expert professionals such as Definitive Electrical Services, smart homes for assisted living can provide excellent living solutions while lessening worries by loved ones and carers. Get in touch with Definitive Electrical Services for a free assessment and quote of your home.

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