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Transforming Your House to a Smart Home: Your Complete Guide to Home Automation

Home automation, often referred to as a smart home solution, is the use of technology to control and automate various household functions remotely. This includes the operation of entertainment, heating, lighting, and security devices. This will require the installation of dedicated computers and wiring.

Common purpose and uses of home automation

The most common purpose of home automation is to integrate multiple technologies into one system so that every aspect of the home can be automated from a central device. This makes these said elements more accessible and easier to control.

A smart home solution or home automation is not a single feature. Instead, it offers a range of controls:

Remote climate control

Homeowners can control the temperature of their home using a tablet, computer, or smartphone from anywhere, so long as there is an internet connection. Anyone can now turn on the heat or air-conditioning ten minutes before their arrival home.

Everything programmable

You can program everything; wake up through automated lights and music or radio station, a pre-heated bathroom five minutes ahead, program the lights to turn on before you arrive home at night, or the television turns on to the news the minute you walk through the door.

Energy efficiency

Energy management systems allow homeowners to reduce energy usage. They can make heat, lights, and other appliances switch off automatically when you are not in the room.

Basic components

The “necessary” basic components of home automation are:

  • Smart wiring
  • Control systems
  • Internet connectivity

These are the backbone and foundation of any home automation system. Once these are installed and integrated, you can now choose your options such as security (doors, windows, vicinity), lighting, heating/air-conditioning, streaming services, home entertainment devices (TV, radio, MP3 players, etc.), and even kitchen appliances.

Who can benefit from home automation?

Elderly Australians

Smart home solutions are a tremendous help to elderly Australians, so they can still have their independence as they get older and require more assistance with home living. This can also prove useful to caregivers so they can spend less time on home aspects and more on their wards.

Persons with disabilities

Home automation is also a tremendous benefit to people with disabilities so they can live life more comfortably. Automation can help people gain more independence while enhancing their daily living.

Individuals or families who want a more technologically connected home

Home automation is used by individuals and families who want or need to improve their daily lives in a more connected and easily accessible home. The main objective is to simplify daily tasks, enhance the comfort of the home, ensuring home security and improving the entertainment experience.

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