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Why Invest in a Home Intercom System?

Why install an intercom in your house?

An intercom system in the house can work as a one-way or two-way communication system. An intercom works like a telephone but used inside the house, and it can be purely audio or with video. Even if you already have a Smart home system installed, you can integrate an intercom as well because of two main reasons: practical communication and additional safety.

Added security

Safety is always an essential factor in any home. Even if you assess that you’re in the safest neighbourhood, you still need to take extra precautions against individuals who want to shatter that “safety complacency.” If you already have a Smart home system, an intercom system adds an additional safety layer. And with the general advancements in technology, the intercom has also become advanced to include wireless features and video access.

An intercom is not obsolete

Communication is the key in any home, so you don’t need to scream at your husband working out in the shed or your teenager in her room upstairs because it’s dinner time. An intercom gives you complete access to your whole home, so you can communicate with each other while also being able to monitor selected rooms. For instance, you can use the intercom system to monitor the baby room or the children’s rooms. If you have elderly persons living at home, you can quickly check on them around the house or in their room.

You can also communicate and screen who is at the door. You can ask specific questions or obtain proper identification. Or if your hands are full, you can request a family member to open the door and help you with your load.

Many modern homes today have Smart systems installed. This Smart cutting-edge technology has enabled the modern home to be connected or automated, be it lighting, heating, sounds, or the security system. A home intercom takes Smart security to a higher level with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in cameras, to name a few features.

ISQ – Installation Services Queensland

As qualified professional installers, ISQ can install seamless Wi-Fi solutions for your Smart home system. This goes with the installation of the Smart system for complete home automation and a fully connected home. And when the Smart system includes security systems, alarms, and CCTV, an intercom system can be that added security and convenience layer for peace of mind in the home. Installation Services Queensland started out as Aamazing Antenna in 2005, giving us almost fifteen years of experienced service. Speak to us about your connected home requirements today!

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