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Your Guide to Smart Home Audio Systems

What is a Smart Home Audio System?

A smart home audio system is a home audio entertainment system that is usually automated and integrated. Other terms for a home audio system is a smart home entertainment system or automated home audio-visual system. Depending on the system you choose, it can involve a simple audio system with two speakers or a system that includes surround speakers, sound throughout your home, large screens (for home theatre systems) and mood lighting.

Everyone loves music, whatever personal preference. With the pandemic presently keeping people at home the majority of the time, now may be the perfect time to have a home audio system installed, or upgraded if you already have one.

Great features and options for a smart home audio system

Multi-room audio

Surround sound is nice in the living room. But you can also have quality audio in every room in your home. Having a smart home speaker system will enable you to listen to music, podcasts, and other audio features (including the news) with high-quality distribution in every room.

Automation/Control Integration

An automated or integrated control system means that you and the whole family can control music selection, sound, movies, TV shows, lighting, and more in one easy-to-use remote device or through your smartphone, tablet or computer. This will simplify your home audio system experience.

Stellar quality sound

A home audio system can be a fully immersive experience with excellent quality sound and surround sound in the living room. When you listen to a rock concert, you can hear the lead guitar on the left side while the bass guitar is drifting on the right. Or if your audio system is part of a home theatre system, you can hear gunshots on the right side while bullets are pinging on the left. This experience is achieved by special quality speakers that can deliver both great sound in every room and surround sound in the living room. Basic speakers and soundbars won’t deliver the same audio quality.

Total lighting control

Lighting control systems can set the mood for whatever music you’re listening to or if connected to the home theatre system. Whether you’re seeking mood lighting while listening to jazz or want to imitate the lights of a pop concert, you can configure automatic lighting at the setting of your choice or work on set timers.

Wireless system

Having a wireless system and wireless speakers means you don’t have to worry where you need to plug in the wires and how to keep the wires neat or hidden. And any time you need to add speakers or any addition to the system, you don’t need to rethink the layout because there are no wires involved.

Ease of Installation

One aspect you need to consider when deciding to have a home audio system is the ease of installation, especially when installed by proven professionals. You can always buy a system and DIY. But you don’t want to spend DIY hours trying to figure things out while installing. You can eliminate the wasted hours trying to get everything to communicate with each other by having your audio system installed by professionals, especially if the system is installed by proven and experienced professionals such as Installation Services Queensland (ISQ).

The professional installers at IQS will work with you from the start of the project through to the end to create an excellent quality sound that will be the envy of others. Visit our website today at

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